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And that time I tried to (and failed) bribe the BBC!

Did I tell you about that time I tried (and failed) to bribe the BBC?

Every 20 years I appear on a reality TV show. It’s kind of a hobby.

When I was 20 I was a picker on ITV’s dating show Blind Date hosted by Cilla Black. Number 2 from Leeds left me in a restaurant, climbing out of a toilet window in a very posh Austrian restaurant to go to McDonald’s!

At 40 I chose a show with slightly more gravitas and experienced massive success on BBC with The Apprentice – that is if ‘massive success’ is being fired in the first week!

(I’m keeping my options open for 60 but Love Island does offer a free holiday…)

Some backstage secrets from The Apprentice:

  1. Every candidate films the exit taxi ride – even the winner! Your exit scene is actually the first thing you film. The winner’s is just never aired.
  2. They really try to maintain the reality of the show. So, yes they do wake you up with a phone call but not before the entire crew have clambered into the house with cameras and sound equipment meaning you actually have time to get ready before the call!
  3. The tasks are real but the producers have to get permission to film. They don’t mention the name of the show but it’s pretty obvious with eight women in business attire ruck up to ask you if you want to buy 500 lucky Chinese cats.

Being less of a Resilience Ninja than I am now I was so worried about being fired I enquired as to whether there was anyway they would consider just not airing my episode! The producer politely declined my offer to do her ironing for a month.

I felt so embarrassed and was dreading the show going out on air. Ed was his usual Steady Eddie supportive self. His response to my idea of faking my own death, changing my name to Susan and moving to Guatemala was, “Yeah, maybe just take a couple of day to think that over hun.”

In the end, the addition of my Apprentice experience to my rather impressive Failure CV actually led me down the path I’m on today – international and multi-awards winning keynote speaker/stand up comedian talking about resilience!

The interesting lesson I learned during this season of epic failure was the power of zooming out. I was an Olympic-level worrier whether the challenge was navigating a two hour school run to three different schools (due to bad planning in the conception stages) or dreading to world witnessing my inability to sell 40 bags of cat litter to Battersea Dogs Home.

Zooming out allows you to release yourself from the often very real confines of of your current situation. It’s difficult to think clearly when you’re in the thick of it. But the real impact is when zooming out becomes a habit and is your first port of call when facing a challenge. Like any habit, it takes a mindset shift to start and practice to progress.

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