Wisdom from a 90 Year Old Me

Ambitious Resilience, Change & Reinvention

Instead of making resolutions this year why not write a letter from your older self to your current self.

Here’s mine – turns out my 90 year old self is super smart!

Hey Jaz

I know how partial you are to the odd list so I’ve written one for you. Do me a favour and actually complete this one.

1) Say yes more – especially if it involves fun, friends, family or a combination of all three.

2) Say no more – especially if you haven’t got the time.

3) Stop saying you haven’t got the time. You’re really clear on what your vision of success looks like, so set yourself up to win and stop investing time in anything that doesn’t get you closer to success.

It’s amazing how much time you save when you stop doing things that are a total waste of time!

4) You know that voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough? Next time she pipes up, repeat what she says out loud in the voice of Peppa Pig in front of the mirror. Now try taking her seriously!

5) Take a trip to Selfish Island: Population – 1! Even if it’s just sitting down for two minutes reminding yourself of how far you have come, how much you have achieved and how loved you are. Even better, make time for yoga, go dancing, or stick your Glee album on and belt out track 6.

6) Girl, will you just stop waiting for permission? Your ticket has been bought and paid for already. Get on the ride!

7) When you’re feeling uninspired, direct your focus towards helping someone. It energises you to see someone you’ve supported succeed.

8) Mind your language. Remember it’s not: ‘I can’t’, it’s ‘I can’t YET’.

9) Try being more of a human BEING and less of a human DOING.

10) Make out with your husband more. He’s proper hot!

Love Jaz

What advice would your 90 year old self give you?


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