Want To Make A Difference? Do Something You Don’t Have To Do.

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In a world where we have apps to let people know we are safe in the event of a disaster, it’s easy to see tragedy as a normal part of life.

After all, how do you contain someone who is not concerned for their own safety, let alone that of others?

Like being in the car with a reckless driver. You’re a passenger, and there is nothing you can do but scream, ‘STOP!’

Except even passengers have a choice.

You get to chose what you focus on.

I have three children and my first thought when hearing about Manchester is to be grateful for their safety. My second is how I can help to navigate the narrative for them.

This quote from the ever resourceful Independent Thinking Crew sums it up.

Focus on the helpers.

Like the taxi driver who drove from Liverpool to Manchester to ferry people home for free.

Or those who offered their homes to those needing somewhere to stay.

Or the young children who looked after each other even though they were terrified themselves.

When disaster strikes, we stay on point by seeing the situation for how bad it is – but not worse than it is.

Yes, awful things happen.

And when they do others always step in.

They stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are affected asking nothing in return. The help, comfort and connect because they understand that we are stronger together.

Everyone has the capacity to be an Everyday Hero. If you want to make a difference, do something you don’t have to.


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