Rewriting The Unwritten Rules Of The Workplace

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Ever thought about the unwritten rules of work?

You won’t find them in your employee handbook, but chances are you’re aware of, adhering to or frustrated by the unwritten rules in your organisation.

Unwritten rules are part and parcel of company culture. The very nature of them being unwritten hints at their accidental rather than intentional nature. The problem is that they affect everything from how well you work with your peers to job satisfaction to performance reviews.

For leaders, the disconnect between what is said and what is unsaid (but still done and often in fear of what might happen if left undone) undermines their influence, often without them even knowing.

For those being led, deciphering and following these rules can mean the difference between advancing in your career or staying stuck where you are.

Whether you’re a team member or a team leader, you’re invited to help shape the new unwritten rules for the hybrid workplace – rules that serve and liberate us at work.

Join Skillsoft and my good self in this conversation on Friday 22nd April 9 am PST | Noon EST | 5 pm BST


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