A resilience ninja,
just like you.

Jaz’s spectacular Shero’s Journey from Fear-Fighter to Resilience Ninja and Positive Disruptor has inspired thousands of people to be 10% braver.

Discover how Jaz not only overcame the odds that were stacked against her but used it as her superpower to help others.

Today, Jaz is a global reframer & keynote speaker

But it wasn’t always that way.

Jaz’s life is an extraordinary chronicle of defying the limits of what is possible. You’ll not find an Olympic medal, ultra-endurance event or un-supported climb of Everest on her CV – what you will find is pure unadulterated truth, passion and some seat-of-your-pants observations from one of the most genuine, hardworking and riotous keynote speakers in the business.

How Jaz re-storied her life (& how you can too!)

From broken to Beyonce (if it’s dark and you squint a bit) a handful of teachers stood with Jaz and helped her to overcome huge adversity. They didn’t think they had any power to change the world but to Jaz, they were ​​Everyday Heroes.

Here’s how their impact changed her trajectory…

1 - Fear Fighter

Jaz was six years old when she realised adults couldn’t be trusted. By 11 Jaz was an ill-equipped mum to five siblings battling poverty and abuse at home.

For years she let her past be the script for her future. Fear drove her bus until she tried being just 10% braver, swapping fear for curiosity.

2 - Mistak Artist

Saying yes more got Jaz through education, into teaching and beyond to advising international governments but it didn’t always work out.

Like that time she was fired in the first week of The Apprentice! Jaz learned to pick herself up after mistakes, reframe and go again. 

3 - Resilience Ninja

Jaz stopped turning the volume down on herself. Instead, she opted for being professionally vulnerable and personally authentic.

Her inner mantra of “I’m not good enough” became “I am enough”.

That shift allowed Jaz to show up as my full-fat self and led to a record-breaking TEDx Talk, a book deal and invitations to speak all over the world. 

4 - Positive Disruptor

Jaz started living life as the human she was designed to be, rather than the woman the world said she had to be.

That decision inspired a new level of authenticity which, through her keynotes, workshops and coaching, frees people to unlock their own potential.

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