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Just experienced half term? How was it for you?

With three young kids, school holidays were a military operation of allocating child care, spending quality together, working and, the 2 minutes and 43 seconds I might actually get to myself, trying to recharge. However, the biggest chunk of time went on feeling guilty that I was failing in all areas!

Over the years I’ve learned (the hard way) to prioritise filling up my cup and serving others from my saucer. I mean you are your most valuable rescue, right?

I switched my To Do List for a To Be list with the ‘One Win’ method. (I say method, I made it up because I needed something I could actually achieve and feel good about!)

That meant prioritising power down time for myself for:

  • 1 minute a day
  • 1 hour a week
  • 1 day a month
  • (and for bonus points…1 week a year)

I spent my daily minute breathing and, for the first week I opened my eyes expecting to be awarded some sort of trophy for actually pulling it off!

My hour was spent on yoga (followed by the reward of cake!)

I struggled with the day for a while but found the hack of going for a half day walk with a friend successfully playing off the guilt of letting someone down against the guilt of ‘abandoning’ my children/emails. (Not always in that order!)

The week was impossible, until the thirteenth year when a friend persuaded me to go away with her for 5 days of yoga, walking and cake.

I spent days beating myself up for ‘being selfish’ before leaving Ed with enough instructions to survive a zombie apocalypse!


Before the retreat, my friend had arranged everything (I’d been too busy worrying to help) so during those five glorious days I didn’t have to think about anything. I went from having to make 100 decisions a day, to having the space to invest some thought into the changes I wanted to make in my own life.

Even better was the impact being away had on my life when I got back. Investing in me paid off massive dividends. I was more patient with the kids, chilled about life in general and massively productive at work.

I took a week out every year for the next five years! Depending on cash flow it could be staying at home and reading (I once sat on a park bench and read a book in a day – one of my happiest memories!) or going on a yoga retreat to Goa sleeping on a hut on the beach.

That’s why I said yes when Intrepid Travel asked me to host a five day trip and our Mindset In Morocco Retreat was born! Spend October half term with me in Morocco from 28th October to 1st November 2024!

This isn’t just any getaway – it’s your chance to break free from the daily grind and step into a transformative adventure with me.

The Intrepid team has pulled together a fantastic itinerary that feeds the soul, and I’ll be with you every step of the way, running transformative workshops and 1-1 coaching.

Everything is designed to give you thinking space, help you break free from any self-limiting beliefs and return home with practical tools for a new way of being.

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