I’ve been shortlisted for the International Speaker Awards!

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I am so excited to announce that I’ve been shortlisted for two awards this year. The first is Best Showreel and the second is the prestigious Booker’s Choice Award.

Both awards are fantastic, but I’m especially grateful to be shortlisted for the Booker’s Choice it’s an acknowledgment of the hard work I put into adding value and bringing joy to those who work with me!

Booking an award-winning keynote speaker should be an exciting experience! That’s why I strive to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for the amazing event organisers I work with. It’s their dedication and vision that bring events to life, and I’m here to support that every step of the way.

From the moment someone enquires, they receive a personalised video, a ‘Positiv-TEA’ box (yes, you read that right!), and a discovery call to help shape their event to their audience.

I record a bespoke teaser video for my clients to use in their marketing and, on the day, I arrive early with plenty of time to get prepped.

Then it’s time to step up and deliver a world-class keynote that is not just inspirational but galvanises people into action!

Below, you’ll find testimonials from those who have navigated this process with me, sharing their stories and experiences.

Magic that happens when we work together!

“Staff have reported that they feel 10% braver. There has been a buzz around our schools and people still coming up to us (4 weeks later) commenting how inspirational it was and how it has reminded them of the importance of the job they do.

Our feedback survey said that 94% would recommend the session – everyone rated Jaz positively.

87% of people said they felt they belonged to our trust – and one of our schools has only been a member for a month so this is really positive.”

– Alison.M

The memories of this day will stay with me for life and I’m so grateful for what you gifted our school leaders with – tapping into their ‘why’, reminding them why they matter, making them laugh, cry and think hard about how they do what they do. You and Ed are like Tony Stark to the Avengers… Proper leaders of heroes!

Andrew Young


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