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So powerful.

Oh my goodness Jaz, I just watched your Ted Talk and bawled my eyes out.  I was so deeply moved by your story, how it was shared and how you related it to us all.  So powerful.  We facilitate training and have developed an exercise to tap in to our personal experiences of having a champion / hero so we can fully connect with the powerful impact of being the one for others and get out there and do it.  It works and people get it but we will definitely use your Ted Talk to support that in future.  I’m going to share it on our page too.  Thank you so much for your vulnerability and courage.



Boy, is she somebody!

If only all conferences were as genuinely BRAVE and inspirational as this one was.  We learned how heirarchy, blame and control get in the way of bravery, the importance of accepting pain, failure and disadvantage as unwanted but necessary drivers of bravery and just how damned “difficult, difficult, lemon-difficult” it is.

Adding value and bringing joy.  Jaz celebrated the everyday heroes, like Mrs Cook her primary school teacher, who helped her overcome a terrible start in life, to make her who she is today.  And boy, is she somebody!  She made us laugh, cry and and realise bravery may not feel like it when you’re doing it but is always best when adding value and bringing joy to others.



Thank you.

Before, I knew I needed to changed things.  Being unhappy and hanging on to things that steal my joy.  Now I can see what has impacted me (love a good list).  I feel ok letting go of things that don’t support me and am confident reconnecting and planning for a more satisfying future.



Great results!

I am way more than 10% braver!

I have applied to speak this year on ITT. Constantly in my head is ‘they will say no, you are not good enough’ but then another thought ‘but yeah you were 10% braver to apply and if they don’t want you guess what, their loss’.



Thank you.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr just moved a big tattoed ex-soldier to tears with her #TFSI2018 talk.

I can only hope to make such a difference to the kids in my school.  Thank you!




It was phenomenal.  You could have heard a pin drop.  Truly inspirational.
#authentic #buildingmylighthouse #everydayheroes.




This amazing woman can make you belly laugh and weep in the same sentence.  The difference you make in motivating teachers cannot be measured @jazampawfarr #PortyLF18