Your work changes lives

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Education is about relationships 

You came into education wanting to make a difference, but the increasing pressure from the system can make this feel nigh on impossible.

It’s exhausting.

The truth is, your impact can’t be captured on a spreadsheet. You are so much more than your latest data collection shows. I owe my life to a handful of educators and I repay them by helping leaders, teachers, parents and students to reconnect with the power they have to being a catalyst for change.


 Find out how Jaz takes educators from jaw-dropped to heart-warmed, to take-on-the-world difference makers



literacy consultancy

Conference Keynotes

Whether speaking on resilience, mindset, or leadership, Jaz leverages her personal story with humour, energy, honesty and an unwavering optimism. Her authenticity makes leaders and teachers laugh, cry and laugh again. Full of practical takeaways, her message is neatly summed up in the title of her best selling book – Because Of You – This Is Me.

Workshops & Coaching

Jaz helps your team dig deeper into topics such as wellbeing, mindset, imposter syndrome and resilience. Jaz emboldens small groups of leaders, teachers and parents to be the catalyst for change that deeply desire to be. Jaz’s student workshop help you to embed ambitious levels of resilience for their life in education and and beyond.

Literacy Consultancy

When it comes to literacy you want more than high scores for your students. That requires exciting phonics inputs, spelling skills that stick and students who are able to apply both when writing independently. Jaz has over twenty five years experience of advising governments and schools around the world and can help you increase consistency, progression and success for your students.