My 2017 #Teacher5aday Pledge

Ambitious Resilience, Change & Reinvention

3 things I love about #teacher5aday:

1) It’s all about looking after yourself. What better role model could we be to our learners?

2) It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to join in. Search #teacher5aday on Twitter or check out the YouTube channel.

3) You don’t have to actually eat 5 whole teachers in one day.

Done your new year #teacher5aday #pledges yet? Here’s mine:


The truth is out there. And it’s not that you’re failing! I have benefitted so much over the last year due to turning up at TeachMeets. Yes, they involve travel and time away from my kids when I am already knackered and have loads of stuff to do. Yet I still go, because of the uplifting innovation and powerful connection I get from educators who are passionate about setting learners up to win. This year I’m turning up and offering to speak at as many as I can.


Since I stopped should-ing on myself and changed my language to ‘I’d like to’ I’m feeling more positive about exercise. So I’m keeping this simple to a walk every day. It doesn’t have to be for that long, just fresh air and a chance to be outside and think.


My word for 2017 is Authenticity. To achieve this I brainstormed what that meant to me and am taking a word each month to focus on to get me to my goal. January’s word is ‘present’. To be engaged in whatever I am doing and not worrying about what has happened before or might happen after. The benefit of this is less anxiety and more joy. What’s not to like?!


I’m committed to learning more about how brains work. I’m encouraging teachers to get off automatic all the time and know how difficult this is so am reading Paul Gilbert’s research on developing compassion for ourselves. It really is a skill. Most of us are great at being compassionate to others but not so much with ourselves. It’s more than a simple case of a choice as our brain has developed habits. The good news is that habits can be unfrozen, moved and refrozen.


Being part of WomenEd doesn’t feel like volunteering as I get so much out of it. The same goes for being a governor on the board at my local secondary school. I’d like to do something totally outside of education. Any ideas?


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