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Looking for an event host, podcast guest, TV presenter who is personable and a phenomenal storyteller? Jaz is a naturual behind the camera, book her for your next show and watch her show up and shine!

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Co-host: The Hope & Anchor Podcast

Alongside Trey, Jaz co-hosts the Hope & Anchor Podcast. The podcast is a place for real conversation, where nothing is off limits. Each episode they interview guests with interesting life stories to share.

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Host: Everyday Heroes Podcast

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Guest: So Now I've Got Breast Cancer Podcast with Dr Liz O'Riordan

Jaz was invited to be a guest on Liz O’Riordan’s podcast ‘So Now I’ve got Breast Cancer’. Jaz spoke in depth about how she navigated her life experiences and built enough resilience to become a Resilience Ninja.

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Guest: Rethinking Education Podcast with Dr James Mannion's

“It’s her burning sense of moral purpose, combined with an uncanny way with words and crystal clarity of her thought, that makes Jaz such a formidable human being.” – Dr James Mannion

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Contestant on Series 9 of BBC Show: The Apprentice

Jaz appeared as a contestant on the BBC show The Apprentice in series 9. Despite being fired early on in the show, Jaz made an impact and became known as one of the most memorable contestants. You can watch her appearance on the show and on the interview afterwards on the ‘You’re Fired’ show below. 

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Think Equal TV Presenter - The Kindness Garden

Jaz hosted The Kindness Garden Children’s TV Show as part of a Think Equal campaign. The production was led by Leslee Udwin, an award winning film maker and human rights activist. The show became the first-ever kids TV show in Botswana – making Jaz the first Children’s TV presenter in Botswana!

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Coming soon - A documentary about Jaz's life

A Nosco Films Production

When a production company approached Jaz asking to film a documentary about her life, she was 10% braver and said yes. Jaz chose to be courageous and re-visit the places that had an impact on her childhood. Screening dates coming soon.

Jaz in the press

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Jaz Inspires Care-Experienced Youth at BT HQ in London

How to become a Resilience Ninja

The Story Of How Jaz & Ed Met

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From broken to British Oprah...

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Multi-Award-Winning Speaker

Alongside being a three-time winner of the prestigious title of Speaker of The Year, she also holds Best Live Gig 2022 & 2023, Best Storyteller 2023 and Most Positive Impact 2023.

Broadcaster (and occasional TV Star!)

In addition to Jaz's 'hobby' of appearing on a reality TV show every 20 years, this Z-list reality TV star (in her own words!) is also an accomplished TV presenter, an experienced radio broadcaster and podcast host. 

Funny Women of the Year Semi-Finalist

Jaz's sense of humour developed out of necessity to avoid danger on the streets. Her uncanny ability to quickly develop an authentic connection with audiences takes them from laughter to tears and back again in the space of a couple of sentences. 

Entrepreneur & Positive Disruptor

Jaz is a catalyst for change. Her work expands to championing education by campaigning and advising the UK and international governments.

Communication and Behaviour Author

Author of “Because of You, This is Me” and contributor to “The Working Class: Poverty, Education and Alternative Stories” Jaz writes hard-hitting content with humility and humour.

Resilience Ninja

Jaz’s re-storied her own life with a spectacular Shero’s Journey from Fear Fighter to Resilience Ninja and Positive Disruptor. Today her keynotes, writing and programmes inspire hundreds of thousands of people to be 10% braver.

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