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New Rules For Schools

We’re all chaos navigators now, but Everyday Heroes like you are navigating your own chaos whilst helping children to navigate theirs. For you I’ve designed a new Manifesto for Educators that reconnects you with your WHY and helps you embed the ambitious resilience needed at this time.

CLICK HERE or on the poster to download it, print your own copy and share it with your team. But that’s not all!  For an extra motivation boost click each statement on your downloaded poster and it will jump right to each of the videos below. That’s 2 weeks of mental resilience coaching for you and your team!

Thank you for all you are and all you do.

Video 1: My TEDx Talk – Your Work Changes Lives 

If you’re not yet convinced it does, my TEDx Talk will change your mind!

Video 2: Wellbeing Is No Longer An Optional Extra 

Also it’s now just called ‘being’ and is the secret to you thriving during this new normal.

Video 3: The Nation Is For You, With You & Behind You 

You are currently keeping our country going. We love and trust you more than ever!

Video 4: You’re Absolutely An Everyday Hero – End Of.

You’re only as powerful as the story you tell and this is the truth about you!

Video 5: We’re All Leaders Now. You Are More Powerful Than You Know 

You no longer need permission to lead with your heart. We trust your jusgement.

Video 6: Authenticity (And Vulnerability) Are Your Super Powers 

You don’t have to have all the answers. Being authentic and vulnerable brings value.

Video 7: Now Is Not The Time To Indulge In Imposter Syndrome

You are too important to waste energy doubting yourself right now.

Video 8: Give Yourself Permission To Be Human First 

Don’t beat yourself up over weaknesses. Choose to life hack instead!

Video 9 & 10: Resist The fear Of Getting It Wrong 

Trust yourself! Your best guess is our best hope.

Video 11: Look after yourself so you can be 100% you for others

Now is the time to start serving those you lead from your saucer instead of your cup!

Video 12 ,13 & 14: Today’s mission is more important that yetserday system 

Make mistaks! Own them. Forgive yourself. Reframe and go again.

Video 15 & 16: Be free to lead with your heart and care (even) more 

More than ever before, teaching is about relationships.

Video 17 & 18: Embed ambitious resileince and embrace change

Doing what you’ve always done will hold you back. Being agile is the answer.

Video 19: The three mopst powerful words teachers can hear… 

Because of you. Your impact is your legacy. Write that story today.

BONUS Video 20: A special message for those keeping our schools going 

Thank you isn’t big enough Sat goodbye to guilt and doubt. get out there arnd shine!

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