Keynote for Milton Keynes Head Conference

FEATURED, Speaking

A keynote for Everyday Heroes!

It’s not every day you get to stand on stage in your hometown and speak to the incredible adults who taught your actual children. This was a great opportunity to thank them for the outstanding work they do.

As you know, leaders in education are my favourite flavour of humans! They have the power to change lives and yet, like many of us, imposter syndrome creeps in – but not today!

I reminded them of their impact, especially around DEI (which I refer to as creating belonging).

Thanks to the Ridgeway Centre for the cakes and for hosting a very important Head Teachers’ Conference.

Watch the full keynote

Yeeha! My clients are special, which is why I bring my professional videographer with me on the day to record and create a video for the keynote for you to share!

You have access for seven days so do reach out to your event organiser to get your video password.

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