We’ve had an industrial revolution and, you know, that went well. 🏭

We’ve had a technical revolution which was by all accounts more fun than you can shake a spanner at. 🛠

We’ve had a digital revolution and in the words of The Schuyler Sisters ‘Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now…’ 💃🏽

The post-lockdown theme tune of ‘going back to normal’ only kinda works if you were smashing it at life before, but for some…

👉🏽 Normal was being too knackered to play with your kids/give your partner any attention/go to the gym after work.

👉🏽 Normal was knowing you had unlocked potential but letting the fear of getting it wrong stop you from stepping out. 

👉🏽 Normal was letting imposter syndrome drive your bus.

Why would you want to recreate any of that? 

How about a new and different way of being that makes space for liberation and allows you to show up as your full-fat self at home, at work and in all areas of your life? 

I know it’s only Tuesday and you’re already maxed out so the thought of joining any kind of revolution may be fairly low on your to-do list. Here’s the skinny – the human revolution is all about you being the human you were designed to be rather than the human the world says you should/have to be. Start with what matters most to you. Your life probably has three main buckets to it:

🪣 Your work

🪣 Your key relationships (family and friends)

🪣 Your own mental and physical health

Here’s an exercise. Put those buckets in order of priority. Sure, they are all important but what’s your take on their order of importance?

Take a min to rate them 1-3 before you read on.

Done? Great. What’s your order? Here’s what I’ve found: Most people put family first and health second or the other way round. Hardly anyone ever puts work first.

However, and here’s the kicker, let’s say you just won a raffle and the prize is me living with you for a month! I follow you around with my trusty clipboard and observe everything you say, do, think and feel for thirty-one loooong days. All the time I’m keeping a tally. 

If you’re in the bath but you’re thinking about emails – that goes in the work column. 🛀🏽

If you’re having dinner with your family but your mind is on a meeting – that goes in the work column. 🥗

At the end of the month will your priority order match the evidence and data on my clipboard?

For most, the answer is a resounding no.

Your choices are:

1. Own your truth. ‘I don’t care if my family gets wiped out in a freak tornado or if I’m lying in traction in hospital – as long as I’ve done my emails’.

2. Make some changes. Not huge ones, mind. Small steps create big change.

The hallmark of every revolution is that it starts with one small voice. One person who says ‘There has to be a better way’ and then swaps judgement for curiosity to go and look for it.

The human revolution starts with you. 👍🏾


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