Is The Human First Academy A Good Fit For You?


You came into your role to make a difference. The problem is that it sometimes feels like the system is working against you rather than for you. It can sometimes leave you wondering if you’re good enough. Imposter syndrome making you work harder, in turn, affects your wellbeing and before long you’re showing up for everyone except yourself.

Sound familiar? 

I’ve been there too. Change happened with my 3 Ms.

  1. Mentors – who’d been where I was and made it through (and had the T-Shirt of Truth to prove it!)
  2. Mates – walking alongside more VIPs (Very Inspiring People) than VDPs (Very Draining People)
  3. Mindset – shifting my mindset, upgrading my out of date limiting narratives and standing on the truth about myself as a phenomenal human!

That’s why I built my Human First Academy. It’s a theme park for adults, a Netflix for the soul and a place to hold the sum of twenty-five years of experience and training all over the world with leaders in business, government, education and health.

But is the Human First Academy a good fit for you?

Great question.

The path you have taken to get right here, right now, is yours only, and you’re reading this email right now for reasons that are personal to you.

The truth is, if you want to trade in your self-doubt for self-confidence, embed ambitious resilience, master balancing life and work and drive proper change, then what I teach inside Human First Academy is designed specifically for you. 

Here’s why:

The Academy isn’t a course (although it’s full of transformational toolkits).

👉🏾 You get access to the tools I use myself. 

Inside The Human First Academy, I walk with you through a journey of personal and professional transformation using my very best tools from the last half of my life. 

👉🏾 You can choose your own adventure. 

The journey is bespoke to you. Want to become more confident? Dream of a better life/work balance? Want to turn the volume down imposter syndrome? Looking to lead more effectively? All of this and more is covered.

👉🏾 You get a personal exclusive invitation to Jaz World! 

You also get access to ME – your guide and cheerleader! Every month for the entire year on the first Tuesday of every month I jump on a Zoom call and answer your questions. 

👉🏾 You are surrounded by people on the same journey as you.

My private Facebook Group gives you access to the day to day workings of an awesome community of 10% braver fear fighters, resilience ninjas and positive disruptors. Just like you, they have swapped judgment for curiosity and are working on their own reinvention story.

Invite those who claim change isn’t possible to sit back and watch you achieve it!

Sam – is following a leadership path she never thought possible, with confidence and courage she never thought she had.

Gemma – is a TV actor who I have mentored and encouraged to do a TEDx Talk she smashed it and is now getting booked to speak left right and centre!

Mark – is a Teacher Consultant who has set ambitious goals around what he can achieve around empowering educators.

Lynne – who is being 10% braver by completing the exercises and learning more about herself

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, how old you are, whether you like Marmite or not, or what your story has been up to now.

Regardless of what’s brought you here, The Human First Academy will help you to show up as your fullest self in all areas of your life! 🙌🏾

If you want to continue what we started in the Human First Workshop (and be the everyday hero in your own story), click here to accept my invitation and join the Human First Academy


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