Design Your Impact Roadmap*

(*And get ready to take meaningful action)

Become the human you were designed to be instead of the human the world says you should be. Take control of your own story, show up as your full-fat self and stop letting self-doubt influence your decisions.

Everyone needs a life plan. Fact.

Throw in a sprinkle of imposter syndrome, a tendency to people-please, doubt yourself and the occasional global pandemic and reaching your potential becomes an even bigger challenge.
It can leave you overwhelmed, feeling like a fraud, carrying the weight of being responsible for leading others without walking the walk yourself or just plain tired and frustrated.

Underneath it all, you know that you are destined for more but are unsure how to navigate a real and long-lasting transformation.

Sound familiar?


You sometimes find yourself wondering if you are good enough - at work or home as a partner or parent...

and you want the confidence to see and own the difference you make.

You often put the needs of others before your own...

and you know you can’t go on compromising your boundaries.

It’s time to design your own Impact Roadmap

This step-by-step course will help you build your own personalised life plan, which you can use to start bringing about real change in your personal and professional life.


Work through my transformational toolkit of short practical and engaging videos. Use the accompanying playbook with thinking, feeling, doing and being exercises for you to complete.


Use the accompanying playbook with thinking, feeling, doing and being exercises for you to complete.


Design a detailed life plan which explores your beliefs, relationships and values.


Set your own Seriously Wild Audacious Goals and get your S.W.A.G on!

Working with Jaz gave me a new-found confidence. I used that to negotiate a new leadership position on my terms and for the first time I have energy for work and home. It’s been life changing for me!


Your Impact Roadmap


Personality Assessment

Using our freakily insightful personality assessment we identify the tendencies and patterns that are getting in the way of the happiness and fulfilment-flavoured success you deserve.

Your Current Reality

You start your first toolkit, watching one ten min video a week. (If you can’t find 10 mins to invest in yourself you found this resource at the right time!)

You take action with small steps that create big change using the exercises in your personal playbook.


Your Goals

You set your monthly SWAG (seriously wild audacious goal) – each one taking you a little closer to the fullest version of yourself.

I’ll be cheering you on and keeping you accountable to yourself in our VIP Human First Facebook Group where you can connect with others on the same journey, get help, ask questions and share your celebration breakthroughs.


Courageous Conversations

Once a month I host a private Zoom – just for Human Firsters!. During this time we leave our comfort zone and jump into the complexity of change.

Each courageous conversation is a an open invitation to join or watch from the sidelines.

What does The Impact Roadmap cost?



Access to the Human First academy learning portal for one year


A personal Impact Roadmap playbook with activities for processing the learning


Submit your goals and get gentle reminders from me

Here’s what people are saying…

People who have attended previous events got this result and they now feel like this.

Since joining Human-First I’ve found courage I didn't know I had and have already gone beyond my goal of being just 10% braver


I am way more than 10% braver!

I have applied to speak this year on ITT. constantly in my head is ‘they will say no, you are not good enough’ but then another thought ‘ but yeah you were 10% braver to apply and if they don’t want you guess what, their loss’.



It's official. Apparently I'm already brave!

I did the exercise asking a few friends to tell me about me.
I now have a list!

‘Role model. Driven. Organised. Stylish. Approachable. Intelligent. Warm. And most definitely someone I am proud to say is a friend.’

The truth:
‘I see you as someone who is stronger than they think, because you listen to the critical voice more than you examine the factual evidence of your achievements.’

There’s more and I’m still processing. It’s been hard but bravery wins out.

The T-shirt doesn’t lie!



Jaz set me on a path I never dreamed possible by encouraging me to apply for a TEDx talk.

What can I say? Oh so much! I would never in a million years have thought I was brave enough or had enough confidence to pull a talk together but Jaz drew it out of me! Her inspiration and support has reconnected me with my purpose and has changed my life. She is amazing and I simply wouldn’t have been able to this without her guidance. She is my hero!



Work with Jaz and I guarantee she will get you so far out of your comfort zone anything is possible!

I am a Teacher Consultant. I work in schools freelance with staff & students so my challenges are pushing myself to build a business and a reputation that lets me work with loads of school on behaviour and potential and make a difference.

I am not so good at the promotional work but Jaz acknowledged the work I do with real warmth and enthusiasm and encouraged me to set ambitious goals around what I am able to achieve.

The course in particular helped me do the internal/reflective work necessary to put into action these changes. 


I’m Jaz and I’m passionate about empowering people

I’m Jaz (or the British Oprah as they call me stateside!) and I’ll be your guide and chief cheerleader throughout your own hero’s journey.
In the past, I’ve struggled imposter syndrome, failed to drastically to balance life with work and frustrated myself and other trying to be all things to all people. Spoiler alert – living that way is exhausting!

There was no one spark or realisation or flashing lights in the sky for me. Change came slowly over time.

It started with having a mentor who had done the journey I wanted to take and wore the T-Shirt of Truth to prove it!

It developed by being part of a community with like minded people who championed (and challenged) me.

It transformed my entire mindset with bitsized next steps that I built on until they became my regular way of being.

It took time but I have gone from Broken to Beyonce! From a woman who allowed fear to drive my decisions to an international inspirational and motivational speaker with a TEDx Talk viewed by over 100,000.

To a thought-leader advising governments and businesses on change and growth.

To an author, business consultant and fully fledged Resilience Ninja.

Alongside that I love my life, have a family that beings me joy and have a liberatiting way of being at work and at home.
I’ve helped hundreds of organisationand and thousdands of individuals to reconnect with their purpose, ditch limiting narratives about what’s they can achieve or deserve and create a compelling life long legacy of impact.

Join the Human First Academy and let me do the same for you