Human-First Workshop Replay

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It’s time to be 100% you!

Be the human you were designed to be – not one the world says you should be.


Turn your phone off, leave the kids with an entire box of Jaffa Cakes and gift yourself the time to watch this replay.

Who’s Jaz anyway?

Recognised for her impact in the education and health sectors, Jaz is known for galvanising and inspiring those around her. She has led national and international projects unlocking potential in leaders and teams and is now a highly sought keynote speaker.

It is fair to say that working with Jaz leaves a mark. She gives you the feeling you can do the impossible so that the next time you face adversity and challenge, you’ll be ready. In her TEDx Talk she re-storied her life as a broken child, highlighting the transformative power we have to make a difference.

Jaz’s ability to reframe means she sees the world in a unique way, which challenges and ignites those around her, lifting them out of what she calls ‘mindset poverty’ into previously unachievable outcomes.