How To Get Out Of Your Own Way So That You Don’t Look Back And Kick Yourself Later

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Here are three statements people have said to me after this week’s keynotes.

“That was inspirational! You’re the antidote to apathy!”

“I was about to hand my notice in but after hearing you I’ve got my mojo back.”

“Do you know where the toilets are? OMG it’s you!’

My keynote audiences are filled with people who want to carry on the conversation about resilience, leadership, change or belonging with me but aren’t organising a conference and have no need of a kick-ass speaker!

They feel empowered to make a change and I want to keep encouraging them.

Change is always kick-started by inspiration or desperation, but the secret sauce is your intention. How committed you are to a new way of being.

And ‘being’ is the operative word here. Not ‘doing’. That’s the golden thread that has run through my life and my jaw-dropping ‘Broken to Beyonce’ transformation.

If you’re on the struggle bus balancing the needs of yourself with others or work with life, then this quick pep-talk I recorded this week is for you:

Being human is hard. Being a ‘human-first’ human is even harder. Being human-first (and every other role you play in life second) is such a key mindset to my partner Ed and me that we called our company Human 1st Ltd.

  • It means prioritising your work, your relationships and your health (clue: if you invest time in them in the order I’ve just listed them – you’re overdue a shift
  • It means turning the volume down on Imposter Syndrome and choosing to believe the truth about being good enough in the areas you have expertise in.
  • It means swapping people-pleasing for boundaries so that striving to please others doesn’t come at the detriment of your own happiness.

A focus on being a ‘human doing’ stops you from living your fullest life and showing up as your full-fat self – which not only impacts you but those around you. Those you influence and care about at home and at work.

Directing your energy to being more of a ‘human being’ creates a more *intentional* way of being – leaving you free to focus on:

  • The human you want to be (not the human the world has beaten you into believing you should be)
  • The impact you want to have
  • The future happiness you want to make room for

That’s sounding better already, right?

Being Human First means knowing yourself well enough to lead yourself and having a greater influence on others.

It’s incredibly powerful, and it all boils down to taking control of your own story. It’s incredibly powerful, and it all boils down to taking control of your own story.

How’s your daily challenge to be human first going?


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