How To Stop Believing The Lies You Tell Yourself

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Two stories and a question for you…

Ethel & The Blitz

My nan’s mate Ethel swore blind her ex-boyfriend was Frank Sinatra. Apparently, it was before he was famous and was working for an ironmonger in Radford. So yeah, some of Ethel’s stories needed to be taken with a pinch of salt.

There was one story Ethel told without the usual twinkle in her eye. Whilst living in London during The Blitz she was heading home after an air raid and got lost because the streets she usually took were no longer there. Without landmarks, her internal map was no longer relevant.

Steve & The Cultural Earthquake

When lockdown hit I was lucky enough to meet with my thought-leading genius of a mate, Steve three times a week. He described what was happening as a cultural earthquake explaining that when streets are reduced to rubble, maps are rendered useless. What you need is a compass. Something to point you in the right direction.

Where’s your true north?

In order to lead others, you must be able to effectively lead yourself.

In order to lead yourself, you must really know yourself.

We’ve all been subjected to personality assessments and come out as a colour, a string of letters or an aardvark! Knowing your tendencies doesn’t equal immediate change. What does is understanding how your DNA drives your decisions and having a tool to hack into that. Enter the leadership voice assessment to end all leadership voice assessments: 5 Voices.

It’s used all over the world by companies such as Google who use it to develop with their data teams. Not only does it give an eerily accurate insight into how you work, but it also provides you with a bespoke set of videos covering your strengths, areas for improvement and nuggets like where you are undermining your own influence without even knowing it!

Ready for the good news? It’s free. Once complete this 15-minute assessment gives you access to practical tools you can use for your personal and professional growth.

I’ve never seen a relationship between a team and leader, friends or partners fail to improve once all parties knew each other’s leadership voice.

You can take the assessment free here:

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