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What would happen if I walked into your staff room and asked:

Right you fantastic bunch of heroes, who’s in charge of happiness round here?

Blank looks?

Confused stares?

A random voice offering ‘Well I collect the lottery money each month?’

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Is your work fulfilling?

That’s the secret to happy humans!

I know that the daily grind of teaching leaves you little time to lift your head up from the fog of assessment, learning walks and book tyrannies, yet when you do, something magical happens.

You get to reflect on your sense of purpose as Ella from The Happy Schools Project calls it.

Or, as Simon Sinek Says: Your WHY.

Knowing your WHY brings clarity and focus for teams and individuals.

It gives you laser focus and an unwavering commitment.

It’s why you eat even when you can’t be bothered to cook.

It keeps your married to your partner.

Gets you to the gym 4 times a week.

Because you have a deep passion for and dedication to the end result.

Your focus on the prize reframes how you look at the problems.

In other words – you have access to happiness!

A UK Minister For Happiness

Happiness is a serious business. The UEA has a Minister for Happiness. So does India. They’re not messing about!

So I can wait for Mrs May to sort out Brexit, our NHS and the broken road sign outside my house OR I can get on and appoint one myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your official UK Minister for Happiness:

Mr Action Jackson.

Action has been doing assemblies for years. He’s reframed the mindset and touched the lives of over a million young people. Literally.

Going for a coffee with him is like trying to walk through Oxford Circus with Beyonce beside you. You can’t go more than 10 minutes without some excited stranger hurtling towards you shouting ‘Sir! it’s me, you came to my school when I was in Y9.’

Within a 45 min assembly he can shift the mindset of a young person, but I’ve seen him do that with exhausted and slightly jaded teachers in 45 seconds flat.

See Action is the real deal. We’re both authentic with a strong WHY for empowering others but he has this charisma that David McQueen describes in his latest podcast.

To an INSET full of staff who, though passionate are, well, knackered, and bogged down with the challenges of the journey, a young black guy from East London, turning up with a takes a guitar, may give more initial cause for concern than celebration!

However, I’ve seen him engage and enrol audiences and get them off automatic. I’ve watched the faces and body language as people reconnect with their vision and move from compliant followers to committed leaders.

And it kicks in within the first 45 seconds.

Action is the antidote for apathy in our profession. He makes a difference to the most important element in teaching – the decisive element – the teacher.

If there was ever a time we needed someone to stand shoulder to shoulder with and for teachers, it’s now.

If you want a refreshed and motivated staff, my advice would be to get Action to come and speak at your next meeting. He’s not asked me to write this, in fact he doesn’t even know that he is the official UK Minister for Happiness yet! Click here to send him and email and congratulate him which will totally confuse him!

In the end, teaching is about people and the excellence you crave is easier to reach when people feel they belong and buy into a shared vision.

Take your first step to putting the soul back into education and email Jackson today.


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