How to focus on the NOW

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Nature, nurture, now – three powerful forces shaping the narrative you are currently living.
Nature – who you are at your core – your DNA.
Nurture – the ‘shoulds’ of your upbringing based on your culture, gender, society, parents, heritage, class – the list goes on and on! Ways of thinking, being and doing that you’ve accidentally or intentionally learned.
NOW – that’s the fun part.

The stories you get to choose to keep. My tip – drop the ones that are no longer serving you! We’ve all got baggage that has caused us to take on negative narratives or limiting beliefs. You had little control over the stories you were fed, BUT you have total control over what you choose to keep holding.

And for those who have experienced trauma similar to mine – it’s never too late to have a happy childhood! You can write a new compelling story.

The pen is in your hand. 🌱✍️ If this video resonates with you and you’d like to spend five days with me having conversations like this and reframing your story you have a couple of days left to register your interest in my Mindset In Morocco retreat.


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