How To Create A FREE Inspirational Gift For Your Learners. Did I mention it was free?

Ambitious Resilience, Belonging

One thing I love to do is to go and watch other teachers teach. Not only does it help me to reflect and give me ideas, I also get to see the WHY of a classroom.

The WHY is about being aware of the process of learning and noticing the stops along the way. In some classrooms, I see quotes and phrases on display that speak to their WHY and look to create a mindset shift in the learners. I’ve gotta say, it works on me too!

Here’s a free, quick and easy to use bit of software that you can use to create quotes over pictures. If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen some of them appear in your feed. Once you have created one, it can also be downloaded, printed and presented in a little pile tied with a funky piece of string to make a fabulous gift for your class as a goodbye gift.

If you read the word software and died a little inside this is for you! I have recorded a quick video turotial to show you exactly what to do! I’ve even left my ‘mistaks’ in to show how I got stuck and then got unstuck!

These are especially great for Y6 leavers as they start their KS3 journey. Whatever ages learners you have (or even for your staff/colleagues) why not create your own by jumping on over to Pablo. For an even quicker win, here’s a set I made earlier that you’re welcome to use.

Go on, give your class the gift of growth mindset for the summer! Cheaper than a pencil with a furry gonk on the end and less stressful than a trip to Smiggle!



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