How to change your mindset around dieting


Breaking News: You can eat all the chocolate you like!

Ever noticed how the moment you vow to never eat something again, it becomes the forbidden fruit? Declaring ‘Right, that’s it no more Spotted Dick for me’ is actually a plan for tomorrow’s breakfast!!

Last summer I spent a week with the phenomenal human that is Jason Vale living on fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices.

Before I left I actually called and asked if it was possible to live on juice for a week as I was worried that I would die and/or not be able to go more than 24 hours without a Chocolate HobNob – and not necessarily in that order!

I found that not only is it possible, it’s a game changer.

Not only did I have tons of energy, I didn’t miss chocolate and haven’t craved it since!

Jason Vale’s advice? Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, give yourself freedom and control. So your new mantra becomes:

“I can have it. I just don’t want it.”

You’re a grown human and you can do whatever you want. You’ve decided that what you want is bigger than a temporary sugar kick with a side of guilt trip and you’re going to choose that repeatedly!

Whatever it is, choosing YOU, your future health being able to run after your toddler and fit into those jeans your mate Nina borrowed and kept because they looked better on her (just me then?) will EMPOWER you. You’ve got this!

So ditch the pointless ‘New Year – New Me’ guilt trip and let’s do this together.


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