How To Add Value And Bring Joy

Change & Reinvention

My five year old has a stunning selection of Poundland Christmas hats, the latest being an elf one with ears and a beard.

As I was sitting at the breakfast wearing it listening to Christmas music last week I thought how cool it would be to get together some of the people I admire on Twitter and get them to lipsync to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey. As you do over your morning porridge.

For about 1/2 a second, I panicked that asking titans of Twitter to film themselves prancing about miming to a song might be seen as frivolous. That was when I knew it was a great idea to do!

See, like you, these educators work hard. They are generous with their time on Twitter, sharing ideas and inspiring me on more than one occasion. I’ve been lucky enough to meet most of them and hang out discussing professional development, leadership and where to find the best Iranian restaurant in Leeds, and I wanted to say thank you. So I stuck the elf hat/beard combo on and filmed a WAGOLL to share with the group. Ignore me choking at the end. The beard tried to sabotage me!

Clare posted her clip first, including a mimed duet with her daughter. Then came Adam, who locked himself in the heads office, bedazzled himself with tinsel and belted out the lyrics with gusto. Elizabeth used a SnapChat filter and lifted the tech bar, then Ty levelled the playing field by recording his at a bar after a couple of Babysham’s and no idea of the words!

Then came talk of costumes and coordinated efforts. People encouraging each other and lots of hilarious comments in response to the latest video posted. Hywel played several instruments, Natalie sang to a bottle of wine and David and Debra staged a coup and took over an entire hotel lobby to film theirs.

We had momentum. The videos flooded in and laughter followed everyone. People commented on how much the group had lifted their spirits and for the past couple of days they’ve begged me to finish the final cut.

So here it is. It’s educational because it shows how valuable it is to inconvenience ourselves, even and especially during our busiest and most stressful times to find a moment for fun! It’s a celebration of the often unnoticed wins and most importantly, it’s hilarious! I hope it makes you laugh as much as we did making it.



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