How Being 10% Braver Resulted In A Record-Breaking Tedx Talk

Ambitious Resilience, Change & Reinvention

If you’ve ever described yourself using the word ‘just’ before your job title or role, this is for you.

A few years back I was sat in an auditorium listing to Sue Cowley deliver her keynote. Sue has a unique way of harnessing and embedding curiosity, as is evidenced by her stellar work in education. On this occasion though it was a question she casually asked halfway through that niggled my noodle.

What could happen if you decided to be 10% braver than you are right now?

My first thought was that I was already brave, but then I realised she’d asked about being braver. The thought of that caused a little bit of sick to come up in the back of my throat! But it did get me thinking.

That idea was the beginning of a huge reframe in my career and my life. I turned the volume down on the voice of doubt in my head and started to say yes to things I would never have dared to before.

Yes to showing my true self.

Yes to a publisher who asked me to write my story.

Yes to an invitation to do a TEDx Talk.

Bravery is different to courage. Courage is something firefighters have. They run towards disaster while the rest of us flee. Bravery is when you’re terrified but still choose to take the next step.

Not feeling convinced? Join me for my 10% Braver Bootcamp. It’s a challenge and a chance for you to reinvent yourself as braver. 


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