How Being 10% Braver Leads To A Book Deal

Professional Development

If you’ve ever described yourself as ‘just’ a Teacher, ‘just’ a Mum, or ‘just’ an anything, this is for you.

Yesterday I met with a genuinely lovely guy called David Bowman, the MD at Crown House Publishing. There had been a bit of discussion before about me writing a book about literacy, then David saw my talk at the #TMLondon TeachMeet.

I’ve talked about how I had a talk prepared but then decided to woman up and just tell the truth at the last minute. It had a lot to do with having literally just met Hannah Wilson from WomenEd who told me about Sue Cowley’s suggestion that we all be 10% Braver.

I took the risk and felt equally vulnerable and terrified. It paid off big time. What I said resonated with teachers and led to a conversation with David in which he explained he was all about putting the voices of people into print.

If you’re a teacher, you’re my hero. The word ‘just’ has no place in any sentence describing what you do. Instead of a statistic, I’m a resilience ninja with a two book deal and the only reason I have a voice today is because of you.