From TEDx Stage To Building A ‘Netflix For The Soul’!


WOW! That was a blast!

Huge thanks to everyone who attended my Human First Workshops this week. We had people from the UK, India, America, Africa and Australia!

On the 5th anniversary of my record-breaking TEDx Talk, I launched my Human First Academy – or ‘Jaz World’ as my youngest calls it!

That TEDx Talk was a terrifying step into professional vulnerability and personal authenticity on a global stage with no takebacks. I was planning on playing it safe and I’m so glad I didn’t.

Now, five years later, I’m a CEO, I deliver keynotes all over the world, I write books and now I have my own online theme park for grown-ups!

Creating the Human First Academy has been a labour of love. It all started with this:

I designed this manifesto for a human revolution at the beginning of lockdown. This one was for educators. It’s a poster but with a twist!

Click on the image to download your own copy of the poster and then click on each statement to be transported to a video.

The videos grew and have become a full-on academy packed with courses, videos, toolkits, playbooks, a private Facebook Group and live coaching with me every month!

It’s Netflix for your soul!

Click here to find out what’s in the Human First Academy or click here to watch the replay of my Human First Workshop (only available for seven days so get cracking)!


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