Ed’s Purple Pants – A Christmas Story

Ambitious Resilience, Change & Reinvention

Forget Christmas Eve pyjamas – it’s all about purple undercrackers in our house.

A few years back, we received a little package from my mother in law. That’s normal. What wasn’t normal was the contents. A lurid, almost glowing, pair of mini-human sized purple Y-fronts with St Michaels on the label – the old M&S logo back in the day!

Inside was a note:

These belonged to Ed when he was small, I thought you could use them for the new baby? Happy Christmas.’

After my laughter had calmed down to the able-to-breathe-but-still-snorting-a-bit-like-a-horse stage, I showed Ed the purple pants and asked him if he recognised them. His face lit up!

“Wow! No way! Those are my big boy pants!”

Ed’s still vibrant, Pants of Power had refused to biodegrade, or even drop down a shade or two, and had found their way back to him after 40 years.

So naturally, we framed them and displayed them on the wall in the downstairs toilet.

As 2021 comes to an end it’s natural to look back. Whether you’re coming up with your word of the year, promising yourself you will stick with those online Broga (Yoga for brothers?) sessions or regretting not taking the chance to dance on the table with your pants on your head that time in 1997. Here’s something to remember…

Change is a choice

The opportunity to do more or less of something is there every moment, every second of every day.

It is indestructible, like Ed’s ancient purple undergarments.

You can choose to hide that opportunity in a drawer, put it in a frame, or even stick it on top of the Christmas tree. My invitation to you is to get curious about what it would look like if you were just 10% braver.

Ready? Let’s do this together…

I’ll help you get out of your own way with a kind kick up the bottom in video form!

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