You Are Only As Powerful As The Stories You Tell


You are currently writing the story you will be telling for the rest of your life

You’re aiming higher than ‘getting back to normal’ with a commitment to moving towards a new definition of work, community and connection.  Humans are hardwired for story which demands organisations are intentional in ensuring their internal and external narratives increase influence and impact.

Hailed as ‘The British Oprah’ in the US, and an internationally sought after headline speaker, Jaz is guaranteed to make your audience laugh, cry and leave on a high. Performance coaching and leadership consultancy is delivered via Giant London, where Jaz is a partner.


Jaz creates every session bespoke to your needs. Below are the most requested themes and each session can be delivered as an in-person keynote, live webinar or pre-recorded video.



Imagine what could happen if your people overcame overwhelm and imposter syndrome


Transition from merely managing remote work to a new way of being.


Reframe and embed ambitious levels of mental resilience at every level in your organisation.


Shift mindsets by leading with professional vulnerability and personal authenticity.


Move past surviving, beyond thriving and onto driving change – even in times of adversity.


Unconscious bias training that is the polar opposite of box ticking and instead invites curiosity.


Embedding a positive mindset and wellbeing that actually works during challenging times.


Conquer the communication code and human-hack your way to increased inclusion and influence.

The Power Of Being 10% Braver

In her flagship keynote Jaz shares her powerful journey of triumph over adversity. The key of which is everyday heroes – just like you – realising how much impact they have…


Jaz’s resilience drove her from appalling abuse at the hands of her own parents to running away from foster care and life as a teen on the streets, to advising governments and speaking internationally to over one hundred thousand to date. 

Clients regularly describe Jaz as, quite simply, transformational. Not only does she reconnect people with their WHY, her impact continues to have an effect long after she has left. From individuals raving about their personal mindset shifts to organisations reporting an increase in morale, productivity and ownership. Jaz’s positive and measurable influence people marked.

Rather than resting on past accomplishments, Jaz lives her words, especially around risk-taking and resilience as both her career as a stand-up comedian and brief stint on TV’s The Apprentice (all while raising three children) are a testament to. Jaz leaves you with the firm belief that the next time you face adversity and challenge, you’ll be ready.

Balancing Life & Work In The Digital Age

Embracing change is never easy and often requires stellar levels of mental resilience and agility. Balancing the demands of remote working with your own wellbeing, family life and embedded uncertainty bring huge challenge to the navigation of your everyday. The good news is that you are more powerful than you think…


For the last twenty years Jaz has helped organisations, leaders and individuals to rebrand failure and navigate through chaos to a stronger way of being . In this session you will discover the hidden depths you didn’t know you possessed around self-leadership, self-awareness and choice. Together Jaz will help you create your own personal impact roadmap for acknowledging your value, overcoming adversity, and focusing only on what you can control.

Motivating Ambitious Resilience

Mental resilience is the new black. Whether you’re navigating a nationwide lockdown or juggling your daily responsibilities you face constant challenges at work and in life, that a tick box approach to wellbeing isn’t going to solve.

In this digital age, peak performance is more than working harder and smarter. Organisations who empower their people go beyond thriving into driving change ultimately win and in this session Jaz outlines how to embed ambitious levels of resilience, in yourself and those you lead and serve…


An essential element to success is staying connected to your own sense of purpose, wellbeing, and ultimately, happiness. Jaz helps you connect with your inner resilience ninja by shining a light on your own tendencies and blindspots. She invites you to redefine your own rules of engagement and dramatically change the habits that no longer serve you.

Ultimately, this results in a greater alignment and a more mindest driven execution for leaders, teams and individuals.

Jaz will focus on leading yourself in order to lead others so that you can create your own roadmap for overcoming adversity, being more self-aware, acknowledging your value and confidently becoming who you were always destined to be!

You will leave with the ability to overcome overwhelm and navigate chaos like a boss!

Human-First Leadership & Invincible Team Dynamics

You’re not a leader because of your title, but because others believe you to be worth following. As a leader, you are charged with seeing the future, establishing a vision, making critical decisions on the fly, and delivering on your values all while creating a healthy culture and motivating a team of individuals to work together. Simple, but not easy. 

We’re not going ‘back to normal’, but forward to a new way of being in which individual and team agility is the key to fulfilment-fuelled success…


Team dynamics require you understand the motivations and behaviours of those you lead. In this session Jaz focuses on equipping you with the skills around quickly decoding the tendencies and challenges of the individuals you lead and serve in order to multiply your own impact by developing a leadership mindset in others.

Jaz will help you create your bespoke and personal impact roadmap so that you can develop a more resilient mindset and dramatically change your habits. You will learn how to reframe so that you can swap judgement (especially towards yourself) for curiosity and become more agile when facing change outside of your own control. 

When leading an organisation, a team, a family or yourself, understanding what it’s like to be on the other side of you will transform your ability to galvanise others, manage difficult conversations and eliminate drama. You will leave with your own toolkit to develop a strong positive mindset in yourself and others.

The 3 Rs Of Reinvention

Your Generation C story could be one of chaos caused by Covid-19 or one of the creativity, courage and change you embraced. If there was ever a time to be 10% braver and face down imposter syndrome, wprry and fear, it’s now.

In this session Jaz unpicks the 3 Rs of Reinvention: Responsibility, Reach and Reframe…


Jaz shines a light on how automatic behaviors can be replaced with a more intentional attitude to ultimately carve a path both for yourself and those you influence.  

Surviving is the lowest bar you can set. Thriving offers you a change to acknowledge your impact. However, a commitment to driving change fuses your intention with your values and becomes a catalyst for the difference you dare to imagine. You will leave this session with a guide to levelling up your life, as an individual, within your family, your organisation and your community.  

In this new world, true agility, professional vulnerability and personal authenticity are the winning elements of those destined to lead us to success.

Back Black By Popular Demand

Some people do things TO others, some do things FOR others and some WITH others. The most powerful is WITH yet, as individuals and organisations, the fear of worrying about saying or doing the wrong things can drive you away from complexity around authentic diversity and inclusion. This results in a lack of connection and trust that can extend inside organisations and into your external narrative…



In this session, Jaz shares a unique perspective around the journey of unpacking her own unconscious bias as a vehicle to invite others into a new place of neutrality and curiosity.

Expect to laugh, surprise yourself, have aha moments and leave with a deeper understanding of how you can leverage the power of belonging for both the acceptee and the accepted.

Rebranding Failure

Mental resilience is the new black. Whether you’re navigating a nationwide lockdown, or juggling responsibilities you face constant challenges at work and in life, that a tick box approach to wellbeing isn’t going to solve.

The digital age requires more than working harder and smarter and organisations who empower people go beyond thriving into driving change ultimately win. In this session Jaz outlines how to embed ambitious levels of resilience, in yourself and those you lead and serve…


Imagine waking up tomorrow 10% braver than you are today. Reconnecting with your inner resilience ninja, reframing adversity and ready to embrace the challenge of choice and change. In that moment you become the leader those you influence need you to be.

In this session, Jaz demystifies resilience and helps you design your own impact roadmap so that you will leave feeling galvanised and positive about your next steps.

Sidenote, positivity isn’t wearing your Tigger onesie 24/7, it’s about being courageous enough to choose to be 100% authentic at work and at home. The world needs you on your A-game right now.

Finding & Amplifying Your Voice

Everyone has a leadership voice. Some use it to persuade, some to protect and some have a tendency to keep it hidden. From the most quiet to the most gregarious, we all have the ability to influence others. 

Imagine a world where every individual, at every level understood their leadership voice, and knew how to use it to empower those who are insecure in their voice, believed it to be unimportant, or overuse their voice to dominate the airwaves…


The door to transformation is opened when everyone operates securely in their own voice and learns to value the voices of others. Five Voices is a system designed to help every individual discover their leadership voice and be empowered to use it effectively. 

In this session, Jaz will uncover what it’s like to be on the other side of you and  help you uncover the sweet spots of your colleagues. You will leave with a shared language allowing each member of your team to say what they mean without people taking offence. The result is you being able to confidently lead those below and above you, ultimately creating a more positive embedded culture.