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The Power of Being Human

Paul Dix made me cry. Not once, but both times I’ve heard him speak. It's not his dodgy jokes. It's that when he talks, every core of his being sees you as human first. He has a way of emphasising before enrolling. Of making you feel acknowledged and validated. I...

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Who’s In Charge Of Your Happiness?

When coaching a leadership team recently, I asked: 'Who's in charge of happiness round here?' *Blank looks. Followed by someone asking what exactly I meant by happiness. Eventually, the group threw out a few names of people who seemed to be quite encouraging before...

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How To Add Value And Bring Joy

My five year old has a stunning selection of Poundland Christmas hats, the latest being an elf one with ears and a beard. As I was sitting at the breakfast wearing it listening to Christmas music last week I thought how cool it would be to get together some of the...

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