Live Virtual Keynotes

Inspire your whole organisation into action without even asking them to commute into the office (or change out of their PJ’s!)

Jaz’s live virtual keynotes allow her to speak directly to each member of your organisation through the camera. Event organisers say it’s like she’s having a 1-2-1 chat with every team member, making these moments even more intimate and powerful.

Virtual keynotes that deliver HUGE impact

The world has opened up to virtual events. If you’re swapping the the fizz and buzz of being in the room – you better make sure that speaker can connect 1-2-1 with every sat at their computer.

Jaz’s virtual keynotes are not often abandoned to make a cuppa or answer emails. The people are transfixed. Literally.

Her ability to connect through the lens of the computer was honed during her days as a TV presenter & stand up comedian. Jaz has an unfair advantage when it comes to connection. Her raw authenticity oozes straight down the lens and into the hearts and minds of people there listening watching.

Choose from Jaz's award-winning themes

NEW FOR 2024

Re-Story Your Life

As humans, we are hardwired to connect with stories. Some of us are natural-born storytellers.

The problem is the stories we choose to tell ourselves - about ourselves. Jaz's new keynote will inspire you to ditch any self-limiting beliefs and help you see and tell a more compelling story!


Human First Leadership

You’re not a leader because of your title, but because others believe you to be worth following.  This keynote equips you with actionable insights into harnessing the power of enrolment, commitment and the currency of WITHness.


The Power of Everyday Heroes

Jaz has a message for every adult working in schools or with young people: Your Work Changes Lives. This keynote will help you stand on the truth about what you do and the impact you have on the lives you touch.


Be 10% Braver

Courageous conversations require you to show up as your full-fat self. It’s never easy to go against the tide, address conflict or challenge the status quo. Jaz shares how to make being 10% braver a habit.