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Create lasting impact and measurable change with a keynote that leaves a mark. 

More awards than you can shake a stick at

Recently, Jaz cleaned up at the prestigious Speaker Awards by winning a massive 4 of the 7 categories, including Best Live Gig, Storyteller Of The Year and Most Positive Impact, and the top accolade for Speaker Of The Year for the second year running.

Recgonition is fantastic, but even more rewarding are those hundreds of messages Jaz receives after each keynote from people sharing how they changed their life after hearing her speak.

Keynote Themes

Familiar themes delivered in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Audiences frequently comments on how they have heard Jaz three times and take something different away each time. Each keynote is bepoke and includes a unique call to action for your audience. 

NEW FOR 2024

Re-Story Your Life

As humans, we are hardwired to connect with stories. Some of us are natural-born storytellers.

The problem is the stories we choose to tell ourselves - about ourselves. Jaz's new keynote will inspire you to ditch any self-limiting beliefs and help you see and tell a more compelling story!


Human First Leadership

You’re not a leader because of your title, but because others believe you to be worth following.  This keynote equips you with actionable insights into harnessing the power of enrolment, commitment and the currency of WITHness.


The Power of Everyday Heroes

Jaz has a message for every adult working in schools or with young people: Your Work Changes Lives. This keynote will help you stand on the truth about what you do and the impact you have on the lives you touch.


Be 10% Braver

Courageous conversations require you to show up as your full-fat self. It’s never easy to go against the tide, address conflict or challenge the status quo. Jaz shares how to make being 10% braver a habit.

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