Being 10% Braver & The Power of Your Leadership Voice at Flair in Horsham

FEATURED, Speaking

We had the honour of speaking at the stunning South Lodge for an Exclusive Collection Event – which was all about powering up your potential!

Flair? We’ve got it covered. Be Human First was born ready for this. 

Ed delivered his Power Of Your Voice session, while I brought Be 10% Braver to the stage.  We loved connecting with the amazing guests, listening to the other sessions and exploring this b-e-a-utiful hotel!

I love this because I’m the WHY and Ed’s the HOW. 

In my keynote, I am frequently told people literally changed their minds about what’s possible whilst listening. They decide they want to do more or less of something because of what they’ve heard. That’s where Ed comes in. He literally provides a roadmap codifying connection and influence. 

In the wrong hands, these tools could be used in a very Machiavellian way but luckily as you can see in this video, Ed is one of the most humble and insightful men I know. Hence why I married him (he had a 20-year audition before formally joining Be Human First!)  

You can book me for a keynote, Ed for a workshop, or both of us for half a day that will blow your socks off and uncover the superpowers of every member of your team. 

Watch the full keynote

Yeeha! My clients are special, which is why I bring my professional videographer with me on the day to record and create a video for the keynote for you to share!

You have access for seven days so do reach out to your event organiser to get your video password.


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