Be Bold For Change By Ditching ‘Can’t Don’t Won’t’

Leadership, Professional Development, Resilience

Invited by Hannah Wilson to create a resource for International Women’s Day on 8th March that encouraged people to #BeBoldForChange I came up with this video.

In it I share how flipping and rebranding the words ‘can’t don’t won’t’ (that formed the basis of my language as a young woman) opened the door to leadership for me.

Most importantly I have not achieved this alone. In the video I explain how teachers lit the spark but I have to add that the flames have been fanned by women and men I have connected with through WomenEd. I’ve written in detail about how WomenEd ruined my life – when my life was spent hiding under a rock! Now I’m committed to being 10% braver!

Please feel free to use this video by sharing it with your students and colleagues to open a discussion about how you can be #10%braver.

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