Banners Of Truth


Whenever I see an Ofsted banner outside a school it gets me thinking. Usually, I think ‘WTF?’ Which of course is an acronym for ‘Who’s That For?’

Putting aside the unfortunate side effect they have of pitting schools against each other – children succeeding is a win for all of us – a six foot sign reading ‘Our school is good’ doesn’t really capture the awesome impact your team has on young lives! In fact it kinda roughly translates as ‘Some guy came round and said our school ticks nearly all the boxes we need to’ which warrants more of a nod than full on celebration.

I’d love to see schools showing off more by being authentic about who they are and what they do? What would a banner of truth look like for your school?

‘Everyone is welcomed and valued in our school.’

‘Our staff work incredibly hard because they believe in your child’s future.’

or just the plain old truth…

‘We love our kids.’

Kate Owbridge, known as Mrs O on Twitter, embraces this with her banner of truth including comments from parents, teachers and children about the school. Ofsted banners are the equivalent manufacturer’s list of features while banners of truth are the Amazon review!

I designed my Unfair Advantage posters in honour of the Everyday Heroes who transformed my life as a child simply by being human first. If you’re Everyday Hero who champions those you serve, thank you for the difference you make! These posters are for you.


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