How to be more goal-setter and less Forrest Gump feather


Goals used to feel like a luxury I couldn’t afford. I had a tendency to live as if I was surrounded by scarcity – an old story left over from being a kid in foster care, a homeless student and a newly qualified teacher!

Even when I started teaching, and the physical poverty of my life started to subside – I was still stuck with ‘mindset poverty’, which left me fighting to keep what I was afraid I could lose any moment and being blown around like that feather at the end of Forrest Gump.

What changed? The shift from a defeated ‘Why Me?’ to a determined ‘Why Not Me?’. I wrote a list of people I looked up to and noticed the first three names were white, male authors with Ph.Ds! Instead of starting with ‘I can’t do that’, I asked myself, ‘What would it look like if I could?” Within three months, I had a book deal and was authoring a paper with two professors!

That shift to ‘Why Not?’ gave me permission to ask better questions, say yes more, take what felt like huge risks at the tie and commit to being 10% braver.
SWAG has to be seriously wild and audacious, and I don’t mean wishing for a bit more time to do emails!

What’s your SWAG? You can find it by thinking big, and if a little bit of sickness comes up in the back of your throat, you‘re on the right track.


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