Well, hello there!


You’re only as powerful as the stories you tell.

An essential part of winning is determined by your ability to reframe after every failure.

As a leader, your influence is determined by the combination of your competency, ability to engage others and your own self-awareness. 

Being fired in the first week of The Apprentice wasn’t great but embracing and engaging with that failure brought about a huge reframe. 

My ‘About Me’ is really all about YOU…

… and the difference you make.

You’re not a leader because of your title, you’re a leader because others believe you worth following.

Whether you lead an organisation, a team, a family or yourself, you will only ever achieve the amount of success you believe you deserve. 

Not feeling much like an Everyday Hero? Scroll down to my TEDx Talk below and see how my life was transformed five individuals just like you.

You can teach what you’ve learned, but you can only recreate what you already are.

Giving your all to work but neglecting your own health and wellbeing speaks volumes to those you lead. 

Your decisions are driven by your values and mine are summed up in our family motto: Team Ampaw-Farr – Adding Value, Bringing Joy


“Jaz is a world-class re-framer.”

“Jaz moves audiences from laughter to tears and back again in less than two sentences.”

“Mummy knows lots of stuff. So does Daddy. Mummy probably knows a bit more.”