A Day In The Life Of A World Class Reframer

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When the first lockdown hit, like many others, I lost my business. As a keynote speaker, I relied on events – no events meant no work.

I was in the fortunate position of not about to starve so set about doing what I’d always wanted and planned to do but had no time to do it in. I built a pandemic proof home studio and began to live stream and produce video content, for free and then for my own online courses.

Experience from four of my previous roles suddenly all came into play:

  1. From my days as a wedding photographer I drew on the technical knowledge I needed for lighting, camera and producing a professional live feed.
  2. My time as a TV presenter meant I was able to be as engaging on camera as I was in a room of 500 leaders who’ve just had a heavy lunch! 
  3. Those days spent crawling under desks in the Foreign and Commonwealth office plugging wires back into computers (and explaining that the CD rom is not a takeaway coffee holder) meant I had intimate knowledge of computers.
  4. My stand up comedy experience left me with the agility needed to go live and navigate any chaos with grace and style.

Prior to lockdown I’d just arrived back from speaking in Australia and Thailand and was accustomed to speaking 4 days a week, in different cities. The travel was brutal and took its toll on my health but it took a global pause for me to stop and think, ‘Hold the phone! Why am I saying yes to all this?’

That reframe has gifted me with a hybrid business of in-person, virtual and prerecorded video keynotes. Nothing beats being with people when it comes to inspiring change but virtual means I can do that in Edinburgh and London in the same day. Video means I can be in two places at the same time!

This week, at the same time Everyday Heroes in Fulford will be watching the bespoke pre-recorded video keynote I created for them, I’ll be on stage in Staffordshire with two phenomenal speakers Richard McCann and Kriss Akabusi.

Reframing is like any skill, with practise it becomes a habit. Join me in my FREE Human First Workshop where I’ll be sharing the tools that I use with organisations and individuals to kick imposter syndrome to the kerb and overcome adversity. https://jazampawfarr.com/human-first-workshop


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