You’re Only As Powerful As The Stories You Tell




“Jaz’s consultancy work transformed our team inside and out.”

“Jaz takes the audiences from laughter to tears and back again in less than two sentences.”

“Mummy knows lots of stuff. So does Daddy. Mummy probably knows a bit more.”

Jaz’s determination drove her from appalling abuse at the hands of her own parents to running away from foster care and life as a teen on the streets, to advising governments and inspiring tens of thousands of people around the globe. 

As a speaker, Jaz has a disarming ability to captivate her audience and share her story with humour and humility and without anger or bitterness. She invites people into a more authentic narrative around choice and agency, leaving individuals and organisations reporting an increase in determination and productivity.

As a consultant, Jaz and her team walk alongside clients on a transformational journey around leading themselves and others into bravery, increased impact and greater influence. 

Rather than resting on past accomplishments, Jaz lives her words, especially around risk-taking and mindset as both her career as a stand-up comedian and in her addiction to appearing on reality TV shows (mercifully now under control at just one every twenty years) attest to.

It would be fair to say that working with Jaz leaves a mark. She gives you the feeling you can do the impossible so that the next time you face adversity and challenge, you’ll be ready.

Change won’t happen until your desire to make a difference is bigger, stronger and more powerful than your fear of trying.

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