We’re all in this TOGETHER

You’ve found the secret to eternal youth! Well maybe not that exactly, but definitely a way to give yourself a boost.

I set up TeacherTribe to thank teachers like you. You’re a hero. You may not be Spiderman, but you do have powers!

TeacherTribe reminds teachers how important they are, and encourages them to reach out, connect, attend a TeachMeet, jump on Twitter and engage inspirational educators.

Your thoughts are resourceful to others! I’ll be listing some ideas about how you can share them online, including guides for using Twitter, setting up a blog and even becoming a consultant.

I’ll be adding content to help you find your WHY and get started with social media. If you’re looking to start your own education consultancy, I’ll share everything you need to build you own website and get your first paying clients.

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To kick off, here are some answers to questions asked by the lovely @rondelle10_b - a teacher looking to start her own consultancy.