Jazzy Lazy Teacher Spelling Assessment


You teach great phonics and spelling lessons but your children just don;t seem to apply want they can do in phonics to their independent writing in other areas of the curriculum.

This assessment is quick and easy to administer to the whole class simultaneously. All Teacher and Learner sheets are pre made so that all you have to do is print, read the instructions and do the assessment! Twenty minutes later (and having saved yourself several hours of planning) you have a clear starting point for each child and a plan for filing in the gaps. Yeeha!

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Jazzy Lazy Teacher Spelling Assessment

Find out why your children are not applying their phonics skills to their writing.

  • Do you find that, some of your children are great readers but less skilled at spelling and writing?
  • Are your children reluctant to write?
  • Do your older children use fabulous vocabulary when recounting a story, but stick to ‘safe’ words that they can spell in their writing?

My Lazy Teacher Spelling Assessment is a quick and fun way of identifying the gaps in spelling ability. Once you know where the gaps in knowledge are, you can target specific elements and fill them in!

This resource enables you to pinpoint where children are struggling and apply quick and targeted fixes to help them progress. An invaluable and effective assessment, ready made for you to use tomorrow!


Ready to print, downloadable resource of seven pages. These consist of teacher learner sets which can be printed and photocopied as many times as you like across the year groups. I’ve kept it age appropriate for R to Y6 so that each class in a school can be assessed. This would mean every teacher was immediately on the same page and planning as instant consistency progression. What a time saver!

The Lazy Teacher Spelling Assessment is part of the Jazzy Skills Assessment Pack which contains every literacy assessment you need to establish starting points for children from Reception to Year 2 and struggling spellers, readers and writers in Key Stage 2. It consists of 5 assessments enable you to establish:

  • grapheme knowledge
  • spelling level
  • blending ability
  • segmenting skills
  • the level to which children can apply all of these altogether in independent writing

How To Use

Great for use in school or at home! Simply give each child a copy of the Learner Grid and call out the phonemes (or bits of words) one at a time. The children write down any graphemes they know represents each home you call out.

Full instructions are included. The beauty of this assessment is that you can buy it once and use it every term to measure progress.

Jazzy Skills Assessment Pack

This product is part of my Jazzy Skills Assessment Pack which was created so that I could quickly find the gaps, not just in grapheme recognition, but also in blending/segmenting skills and the level to which children are able to apply all of this to writing.

Each assessment allows you to unpick what’s missing so that you know exactly where to start with planning. All of the skill assessments can be completed as a full class.

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